Every once in awhile an unparalleled vineyard site is quite literally stumbled upon. Gina and Steve Viets purchased their Sonoma home designed to give their children more room to roam and to escape foggy San Francisco. Little did they know, but their passion for seeking the perfect bottle of Cabernet, along with their interest in farming, was about to converge. While exploring the property and it’s history the Family discovered that the land was once a vineyard in the late 1800’s, they began seeing their hillside in a whole new light, inspiring them to establish V. Vineyards dedicated to single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Planted in 2007, V. Vineyards is nestled on the Sonoma County side of Spring Mountain along the Mayacamas Mountain range. Situated at 1,800 feet in elevation and just one mile from the Napa County line, the vineyards are dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc varietals.

The luxury of a being a small vineyard is being able to tend to each vine individually utilizing sustainable farming practices. Balance amongst the vines is paramount to achieving balance in the glass. During the growing season, an optimal ratio of fruit and foliage is achieved through leafing and shoot management. This plays an important role in driving the energy to the developing fruit clusters for complexity of flavors, aromas and tannins. Additionally, irrigation is limited to encourage the vine’s root system to dig deep into the earth absorbing minerals, as a result, adding depth of flavors in each wine.

V. Vineyards’ unique mountain site provides well-drained volcanic soils which helps to produce small berries with intensely concentrated flavors. The elevation also affords a cool, long growing season producing elegant aromas and tannins encompassed by a strong acidic backbone. The resulting wines are a true expression of the remarkable terroir which is V. Vineyards.